Auxiliary Services

Picture representing Auxiliary Services

The Office of Auxiliary Services is a vital part of the Beaufort County School District. The Auxiliary Services team develops, coordinates and implements prevention and intervention programs and services for students experiencing educational, social, health, and behavioral difficulties. The core staff members are Social Workers, Nurses, Behavior Management Specialists, as well as Protective Services staff, Athletics, Alternative Education Programs Staff and Adult Education Staff.   These professionals work with parents, staff, community agencies, and others to assist students in their academics, health care, attendance, personal, PBIS, character education models, social and interpersonal matters.

Other developmental and preventive programs delivered by the Office of Auxiliary Services Staff include: attendance, conflict resolution/peer mediation, child abuse and neglect, teen pregnancy prevention and comprehensive health education programs, self-esteem, character development/values education, truancy intervention, disruptive youth programs, McKinney- Vento programs for homeless children, drug and alcohol related programs, health and wellness programs, behavior management programs and many other programs to assist students in being successful in school.

Bullying prevention is a major focus for the Office of Auxiliary Services throughout the school year. In conjunction with the Beaufort High School Theatre Department and the Rotary Club of the Lowcountry; the Office of Auxiliary Services sponsors an anti-bullying performance for all sixth grade students throughout the District. “When You See Something, Say Something” has become a part of the language among students when referring to bullying situations. Students have begun using the District’s anonymous app to report bullying anonymously.

Department Goals

  1. Provide professional development for all staff associated with the Office of Auxiliary Services, to ensure that effective strategies are being implemented and used accordingly throughout the District.

  2. Reduce suspensions and expulsions by analyzing disciplinary referral data and providing the appropriate intervention in schools throughout Beaufort County School District.

  3. Provide support services to all Beaufort County School District staff and families by way of acting as District Ombudsman; reduce complaints and concerns related to schools and transportation.

  4. Provide support services to all Beaufort County School District coaches and Athletic Directors to include training and credit renewals.

  5. Ensure that all schools and sites in Beaufort County School District are safe and secure.