Expanded ADEPT

ADEPT is South Carolina's system for assisting, developing, and evaluating professional teaching. Based on state expectations (i.e., the ADEPT Performance Standards) that are aligned with nationally recognized professional standards, the ADEPT system forms a seamless continuum for educators throughout the entirety of their careers. In addition to applications for classroom-based teachers, the ADEPT system also includes standards and models for assisting, developing, and evaluating special area educators (i.e., school guidance counselors, library media specialists, and speech-language therapists).

This is “IT” – Implementation Time!  

Welcome Everyone to the 2018-19 school year!  As most of you know over the last few years all South Carolina school districts have been phasing in components of the new Expanded ADEPT Teacher Evaluation System. Well, This is “IT”Implementation Time! The time for all districts across the state to fully implement all components of the new system, aligned to the SC Teaching Standards 4.0 Rubric (SCTS 4.0). This will be an exciting year as we transition to the new very supportive teacher growth evaluation models. Throughout this school year, we will implement the applicable evaluation processes as required by SC Department of Education (SCDE) and will begin to utilize the new online platform which houses the required templates and guides the user through the components of each evaluation type. To a great extent, use of the SCLead platform is required for almost every ADEPT – related evaluation process.

Shall we begin…

SCLead.org Registration: ALL administrators, teachers and evaluators must create an SCLead account profile, with the exception of those who hold non-ADEPT related positions (e.g. Coaches: Academic, Educational Technology, etc.) This action should occur during the 1st or 2nd week of school, guided by school and/or district administration.

 Links to resources are included here.