Title IX Sexual Harrassment

The Beaufort County School District is committed to nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all students, parents/legal guardians, staff, visitors, applicants for admission and employment, personnel, and community members who participate or seek to participate in its educational programs or activities.  Accordingly, the BCSD does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex, pregnancy, childbirth, or any related medical conditions, color, physical or mental disability, age (40 or older), ancestry, genetic information, national origin, or any other applicable status protected by Title VI, Title VII, Title IX or any other local, state, or federal law. 

 To report sexual harassment, contact the following BCSD Title IX Coordinators

Lakinsha R. Swinton (LaKinsha.Swinton@beaufort.k12.sc.us)
Director of Student Services
Post Office Drawer 309
2900 Mink Point Blvd.
Beaufort, SC 29901.
Office: 843-322-5451
Mobile: 843-441-4648
Fax: 843-322-5425

Jennifer A. Staton
Risk Manager,
Post Office Drawer 309
2900 Mink Point Blvd.
Beaufort, SC 29901
Office: 843-322-2355
Mobile: 843-812-6405
Fax: 843-322-2389.