Vendor Background Check

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Thank you for your interest in working for the BCSD.  Student safety is our top priority. One way we protect students is by thoroughly screening the vendors who work in our schools. To expedite this process, and to enable you to quickly obtain a background check acceptable to the BCSD, you may now obtain a background check directly through the vendor we use for employee and volunteer screening. The cost is $19.95.

Any and all persons with whom vendor/contractor employs, contracts, or otherwise causes to be located on BCSD property shall have passed a South Carolina and nationwide criminal background check, which includes screening by the nationwide Sex Offender Registry. Successful completion of the criminal background checks shall occur prior to such individuals being present on BCSD property.  The contractor/vendor is solely responsible for any and all fees and/or charges associated with completion of the background check(s) required herein. The BCSD reserves the right to deny access to any employee, contractor of person caused to be present on BCSD property by the vendor/contractor.  Removal of employees on this basis shall not disrupt the project schedule or cost.

The BCSD requirements for approval of a background check are the same as the State requirements in the approval of an educator.  Additional guidelines regarding background checks can be found in BCSD Administrative Rule HRS - 47 Criminal History Records Check Of Applicants And Volunteers For Employment And Staff. 

Employees, volunteers and contractors/vendors will be approved if their background check reveals:

  • Arrests, where criminal charges were dropped or dismissed (as evidenced by an expungement order or an entry of nolle prosequi by a solicitor.)
  • Up to two DUI incidents, three years or older.
  • Single misdemeanor.
  • Multiple misdemeanors, all three years or older (excluding cases involving violence, drugs, sexual misconduct, breach of public trust, and minors.)
  • Convictions for which a full pardon has been granted.
  • Minor traffic violations are generally disregarded if the employee, volunteer and contractor/vendor is not driving as a normal part of their duties.

Any persons who fail to meet the above criteria shall not be present on BCSD property unless first approved by the District’s Procurement Coordinator or Risk Manager.  Audits of contractor/vendor compliance may be conducted by the BCSD. Failure to adhere to these requirements regarding background checks will be considered a breach of contract by vendor/contractor and shall be grounds for the BCSD to immediately terminate contract without penalty.  Any costs, charges, fees, or expense resulting to the BCSD due to the failure or refusal of the vendor/contractor to abide by these background check requirements shall be borne solely by the vendor/contractor without limitation.