Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA) Retirement

(South Carolina Retirement Systems (SCRS) a Division of PEBA Retirement)

Phone:  803-737-6800 or 800-868-9002 (within S.C. only)
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 11960, Columbia, SC 29211-1960
Location Address:  202 Arbor Lake Drive, Columbia, SC 29223

Office Hours:  8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Service Retirement

  •      The best way to begin the planning process for retirement is to attend a retirement seminar offered by the Retirement Systems.
  •      The seminar schedule can be found @  
  •       You may obtain a consultation by telephone or in person at the PRBA Retirement office.  

When to Apply

  • You may file an application with the Retirement Systems to retire (it is not an automatic process),  6 (six) months before your planned retirement date, and  no later than 90 days afterwards. 
  • Retirement applications and other forms are available at  or contact Customer Service to request the forms.
  • Please do not terminate employment until you receive official notice of your retirement eligibility and the Retirement Systems has audited your service credit.   This official notice will be mailed to you and is entitled, “Notification of Retirement Eligibility and Estimated Benefit.”
  • Benefit estimates may be obtained from the Retirement Systems but are only a projection based on the information you provide and information in the Retirement Systems’ records.  Benefit estimates are subject to change upon an audit of your account after your retirement applica­tion is received.

Retirement Eligibility 

Normal Retirement (Unreduced Benefit):

  • Class Two Members (employees hired prior to July 1, 2012):
    • 28 years of service,  five years of which must be earned;  or
    • Age 65 or older on the date of retirement with five years of earned service.
  • Class Three Members (employees hired on or after July 1, 2012):
    • Meet the “Rule of 90”:   your age  +  your  years of service =  90.
    • For example:  a member who is 56 years old and has at least 34 years of service, eight years of which must be earned, would be eligible for normal retirement (56 + 34 = 90).
  • Age 65 or older on the date of retirement with eight years of earned service.

Early Retirement (Reduced Benefit):

  • Class Two Members (employees hired prior to July 1, 2012):
    • Age 60  +   five years of earned service.

Your benefit is permanently reduced 5 percent for each year of age less than 65;  or

  • Age 55  +  25 years of service, five years of which must be earned.

Your benefit is permanently reduced 4 percent for each year of service less than 28 (benefit adjustment restrictions apply).

  • Class Three Members (employees hired on or after July 1, 2012):
    • Age 60 + eight years of earned service.

Your benefit is permanently reduced 5 percent for each year of age less than 65.


The TERI Program will end effective June 30, 2018

The Program

Eligibility:  ONLY active Class Two members who qualify for full service retirement.  


  • Is a program that allows an employee to retire and begin accumulating retirement benefits without terminating employment with the District.  
  • Eligible employees may participate in the TERI program for up to five years or June 30, 2018 whichever comes first.  
  • Employees receive a tax-deferred accrual of retirement benefits, which is put into an escrow account.    Interest is not accrued during this period.
  • Employee draws his/her regular paycheck during the TERI period less deduction.
  • The employee will retain regular employment rights during the TERI time frame. 

Leave /Sick Days with TERI:

  • Employees are paid for up to ninety days of unused sick days at the district's pre-determined rate.  
  • Days in excess of ninety days for which the employee is paid will be retained by the employee while participating in TERI.
  • Sick leave will begin to accumulate again; however, employees will not be compensated for these leave days upon termination of the plan.  
  • Employees will be paid for up to a maximum of forty-five days accrued annual leave upon exiting the TERI plan.
  1. Members of the TERI plan will receive cost of living raises if other employees receive them.
  2. A TERI employee does not earn service credit and is not eligible to receive disability retirement benefits.
  3.  Employees who are part of the TERI plan will continue health, dental, vision, SLTD, dependent life, and optional life insurance through payroll deduction.
  4. Upon exiting the TERI program, an individual has within thirty-one days to complete the paperwork  to convert health, dental, vision, and optional life benefits to retiree status.
  5.  An employee may participate in the TERI program one time only.

Completion of the Program

Upon termination of the TERI plan, employees may elect:

  • receive their escrowed money in taxable, lump-sum distribution,
  •  or  roll over their money into a tax-sheltered plan.
  • Employees will then begin receiving their monthly service retirement benefit.

The Program Will Be Ending

The TERI program will be closed effective June 30, 2018. The program will be phased out for Class Two members in a 5-4-3-2-1 format. This means that Class Two members (employees hired before July 1, 2012) who enter the TERI program after July 1, 2013, will not be eligible to participate in TERI for the full five years. Instead, their TERI participation will end on June 30, 2018, regardless of when they entered the program. For example:

  • A member who begins his TERI partici­pation on July 1, 2013, will be eligible to participate in the TERI program for five full years before the program is closed on June 30, 2018.
  • A member who enters the TERI program on July 1, 2014, will only be able to participate in the program for four years before the program is closed.
  • A member who decides to enter the TERI program on June 1, 2018, will be eligible to participate for 30 days before the program is closed on June 30, 2018.

The TERI program is not available to Class Three members (employees hired after July 1, 2012).


TERI Participants, Calendar of Events

Within 90 days of your participation in the (TERI) Program coming to an end, you need to the following actions:

  • Submit a letter of retirement to your immediate supervisor effective the last day of your TERI participation.
  • Contact the Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA) Retirement at 800-868-9002 (toll free in South Carolina only) or 803-737-6800 to inform them of your full service retirement date. The Retirement Systems will then mail you a TERI package that explains rollover and direct payment options, and provide basic tax liability and/or early withdrawal penalty information.
  • Contact the Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA) Insurance Program at 1-888-260-9430 to inform them of your retirement and to obtain the retiree insurance forms. You may also obtain the retiree insurance forms from Velda Vaughn or Rosella Robinson, Human Resources Department, 843-322-2300 (District telephone number).
  • Upon receipt of the forms, you need to contact the Human Resources Department and speak to either Velda Vaughn or Rosella Robinson for assistance and then the forms should be returned to the proper agencies.
It is your responsibility to make sure you have completed each step to ensure a smooth transition from the TERI program into Full Service Retirement.
Retirement Statements

The SCRS (South Carolina Retirement System) no longer prints annual member statements. To get a copy of your SCRS member statement, you will need to log into SCRS Member Access.   

To log into SCRS Member Access:

  • Go to the Retirement System Website –
  • Click on “Member Login."
  • If not registered, click on “Register Now” and follow the prompts.
  • If registered, click on “Sign In” to access your SCRS account Customer Service for help at 1-800-868-9002 within South Carolina only or 1-803-737-6800.