Virtual School Courses (Grades 9-12)

BCSD Virtual School Information

BCSD Virtual School offers students in grades 9-12 a variety of rigorous courses for Carnegie credits through a totally virtual environment.  We also offer summer courses for 9-12 graders. All virtual courses are taught by highly qualified and certified Beaufort County School District teachers using approved South Carolina curriculum. These courses are available for students to take in addition to their regularly scheduled courses. Students may elect to take a virtual course if their school does not offer the course, scheduling conflicts, and/or based on student interest. Students that elect to take a virtual course must seek approval from a parent/guardian and their guidance counselor. Upon approval, the guidance counselor will register the student through a secure online registration form. All content and curriculum for the BCSD Virtual School is hosted through Moodle and managed directly by each course instructor. 

Monitoring Student Progress: Virtual school teachers will enter all grades in the PowerTeacher GradeBook.  Students and parents may monitor grades in virtual classes using the Parent Portal link on the district website. Virtual school grades will be displayed on the student progress report as well as the quarter report cards. 

Completing Students: When students complete a BCSD Virtual School course, the teacher submits the final grade through PowerTeacher GradeBook and the grade will be added to the student’s official transcript.

Requirements for Virtual School:

  • Students must have reliable and consistent computer and internet access at home.
  • Students enrolling in virtual courses must earn the credit after-school hours or during the summer months (Exceptions must be approved by the principal and the Director of Educational Technology)
  • Students must have an email address (@yahoo, @hotmail, @gmail, @hargray, etc.)
  • Students must have an understanding of how to use and navigate the Internet (Internet Explorer,  Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • Students must be able to maintain login and password information
  • Students must be able to manage time wisely
  • After pre-registering for a virtual course, final enrollment will be approved by the School Guidance Counselor

Characteristics of a Successful Online Learner

  • Time management skills and discipline to complete projects by deadlines
  • Motivation to read, write, and participate fully in class activities and ask questions when help is needed
  • Time to devote a minimum 5 hours/week for a one credit course
  • Possesses basic computer/Internet skills