BCSD students take home 60 Southeast regional recognitions

2020 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
Posted on 02/07/2020
turtle artwork

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Beaufort County high school students earn
recognition in regional arts, writing contest

BEAUFORT – Beaufort County School District students have won a record 60 Southeast regional recognitions in the 2020 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. 

There were 45 winners at Hilton Head Island High, nine at May River High and six at Bluffton High.

The prestigious Scholastic Art & Writing Awards describes itself as the nation’s longest-running recognition program for creative teens and the largest source of scholarships for young artists and writers.  Students in grades 7 through 12 submitted more than 350,000 works of art and writing in 29 categories.  Winning students earn opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication and scholarships.

The district’s eight top award-winners – Gold Key recipients – advance to judging at the national level.  Silver Key works are judged to demonstrate exceptional ability, and Honorable Mention works are judged to show great skill and potential.

“It’s great to see our students break the previous record they set just one year ago,” said Superintendent Frank Rodriguez.  “These 60 awards are testament not only to our tremendously talented students, but also to their tremendously talented art teachers and our district’s top-shelf arts programs.”

Judges evaluate student artwork based on originality, technical skill and the emergence of a personal vision or voice.  Former winners of Scholastic Awards include Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon, Sylvia Plath and filmmaker Ken Burns.

Gold Key winners were Bluffton High’s Nathalia Roca for “Said and Done” (Mixed Media); Hilton Head Island High’s Kaitlin Cooke for “Lux Nox Card Game” (Design); Hilton Head Island High’s Miya Poplin for “Poppy” (Drawing); Home-schooled student Charlotte O’Fee for “Marcella” (Painting) from a class at Hilton Head Island High; Hilton Head Island High’s Jacquelyn Roberts for “Flower Child: The Memory Project” (Painting); Hilton Head Island High’s Olivia Waters for “Aged” (Drawing); May River High’s Alexandra Horn for “New Religion” (Painting); and May River High’s Grace Lavery for “Reflections of my Brother” (Drawing).

Silver Key winners from May River High were Alison Bierman for “Honey and Lemon” (Drawing) and Alexandra Horn for “Walking Through My Shadow” (Drawing).  A Silver Key winner from Bluffton High was Rosy Almazan for “Society Says” (Painting).

Silver Key winners from Hilton Head Island High were Anastasia Abrams for “Outback” (Photography) and “See Me” (Photography); Tessa Beck for “Climate” (Mixed Media); Kaitlin Cooke for “Dragon Eggs” (Sculpture); and Julia Kubec for “The Memory Project” (Drawing); Jacquelyn Roberts for “Chiaroscuro” (Drawing); Arianna Saponara for “Flowers” (Mixed Media); Olivia Waters for “See You Again” (Mixed Media), “Billie” (Drawing), and “Golf le Fleur” (Painting); and Katie Watts for “Through the Tunnel” (Photography).

Bluffton High Honorable Mentions were Trisha Duong for “Japanese Notan” (Digital); Bryan Estrada for “Very Still” (Drawing); and Nathalia Roca for “What Could Have Been?” (Drawing) and “The Power of the Tongue” (Painting).

May River High Honorable Mentions were Adeline Dewig for “Painting” (Drawing); Alice Hotimski for “Opposites” (Drawing); Richard Hunter for Untitled (Drawing); Jessica Lubbers for “Control” (Painting); and Sophia Wendel for “80’s Girl” (Drawing).

Hilton Head Island High Honorable Mentions were Anastasia Abrams for “Willow Tree”(Mixed Media); Cristian Ambrocio for “Toxic Tango” (Sculpture); Tessa Beck for “Religion is a Drug” (Photography) and “Lioness” (Photography); Maddie Bennett for “Parallel Lines” (Photography); and Kaitlin Cooke for “A Tale of Curses, Dragons and Knights” (Comic Art).

Additional Hilton Head Island High Honorable Mentions were Kaitlin Cooke for “Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing” (Digital); Kaitlyn Holland for “Awais: The Memory Project” (Drawing); McClaren Hopper for “The Memory Project” (Drawing); Laura Huggins for “Light and Dark” (Senior Art Portfolio/8 artworks) and “Observing the Night” (Drawing); Laura Jeffcoat for “Reflection” (Photography); Kelsey Kabiri for “Lines of Wisdom” (Digital); Sophie Le Mehaute for “Self Portrait” (Drawing) and “Imke” (Drawing); Scarlett Metts for “Who I Am” (Mixed Media); and Valeria Morales for “Perfection” (Mixed Media) and “The Waters” (Photography).

Additional Hilton Head Island High Honorable Mentions were Jennifer Munivez for “Purple Comos Flower” (Mixed Media); Ximena Olguin Figueroa for “Luminous” (Digital); Eleanor Rosenberry for “Artificial Rose” (Mixed Media); Enzo Saritelli for “No! We Should Not Use That?” (Digital); Leah Schram for “Broken Education System” (Sculpture); Maria Solomon for “Sundown” (Painting); Nathan Stone for “Put The FiRe ExtiNguisher DowN” (Digital); Jason Todd for “Why Are You Here?” (Digital); Melanie Villa for “Flounder in Pink” (Printmaking); and Olivia Waters for “Cecilia” (Drawing).

In the 2020 Scholastic Writing Awards, Hilton Head Island High’s Cristian Ambrocio earned a Silver Key for his poem “Summer Camp.”