South Carolina’s mandates regarding medical homebound instruction appear in State Board of Education Regulation 43-241. Put in the simplest terms, R 43-241 defines “homebound or hospitalized instruction” as teaching that:

  • is offered to the student who has an acute or chronic medical condition that prevents him or her from attending classes at school,

  • takes place “in a room especially set aside for the period of instruction,” and

  • is conducted by an individual who holds a South Carolina teacher’s certificate.

Specifically, Regulation 43-241 says that students who cannot attend public school because of illness, accident, or pregnancy, even with the aid of transportation, are eligible for medical homebound or hospitalized instruction. A physician must certify that the student is unable to attend school but may profit from instruction given in the home or hospital. Any student participating in a program of medical homebound instruction or hospitalized instruction must be approved by the district superintendent or his or her designee on standardized forms provided by the State Department of Education. All approved forms must be maintained by the district for documentation.

Medical Homebound Services Application.