Virtual School

Beaufort County School District is committed to providing a variety of learning opportunities for students. Virtual courses provide a way for motivated students to meet graduation requirements, resolve scheduling conflicts, and participate in courses that are not available at their home schools. By participating in online courses, students gain exposure to online learning environments that enhance 21st century skills while learning necessary content. With an increase of virtual learning opportunities in colleges, universities, and businesses, Beaufort County is preparing its students for the paths they will cross in the future. In some circumstances, high school students can also participate in virtual learning opportunities to recover credits for failed courses.

Beaufort County School District offers two Virtual Learning Programs for secondary students enrolled in a Beaufort County School. Each program is outlined in detail in the Virtual Learning Procedures Manual and includes program descriptions, course guidelines and requirements, grading policies and registration information.

Students who desire to participate in virtual learning classes must be recommended by the school counselor and approved by the school principal. The approved online programs are South Carolina Virtual School, Edgenuity, and Beaufort County School District Virtual School. Transfer students who have participated in a virtual course prior to enrolling in a Beaufort County School District school must provide an official transcript to the school counselor.