Special Revenue - Grants

The Office of Special Revenue Projects and Grants is responsible for the overall management and supervision of the District's federal, state, and public/private foundation grants and cooperative agreements. This management and supervision includes program and fiscal management and compliance. In addition, this office seeks additional sources of funding to enhance the District's educational initiatives.

Major Programs include:

  • Federal Programs (Adult Education, Medicaid, ROTC)

  • ESSA  (Title I, II, III, IV)

  • Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA)

  • Carl Perkins Vocational Act (CATE)

  • E- Rate Program

  • State Programs (Nurses, License Plates, Science Kit Refurbishment) 

  • EIA Equipment Grants  

  • Summer Reading Programs / Reading Coaches

  • Teacher Mini Grants

  • Parker’s

  • ABC/DAP Art Grants

  • Adult Education Funding

Helpful Links

Looking for a grant? Visit:

Helpful tips:

  • Call the Grants Office for help
  • Write grants to get programs, not funds.
  • Everyone has a "need" - Match to what the grantor wants.
  • Develop your needs and match them to your vision.
  • Develop a "mental" budget.
  • Develop an idea file. (Ask the "crazy" ones'.)
  • Develop a grant writing team. Develop partnerships.
  • Give them what they ask for. (RFP)
  • Follow the format.
  • Be positive, be brief. Keep it simple and realistic.
  • Avoid jargon, avoid cliches.
  • Have someone else read the proposal. ("bifocal/make sense test")
  • How will you know if the program works? (Evaluation)
  • (It does not have to work!)
  • Spend money to make money.

Team Member Contact Information
Terry BennettDirector of Special Revenue, (843) 322-2332
Susan Golec, Federal Programs Accountant , (843) 322-2323
Sharaine Gillison, Title I Accountant, (843) 322-2358
Denise Mattson, Title I Coordinator (843) 322-5405
Melisa Green, Grants Accountant (843) 322-0742