BCSD students attended the three-day event, earning recognitions

2019 Youth in Government Conference
Posted on 11/27/2019
South Carolina State House

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Beaufort County students earn recognition
at 2019 Youth in Government conference

BEAUFORT – Numerous students from Beaufort County high schools earned recognition at last weekend’s state 2019 Model Legislature and Court conference in Columbia.

More than 1,500 high school students attended the three-day event at the Columbia Convention Center, participating in simulations of South Carolina's democratic process. Acting as state legislators, the students wrote, debated and voted on legislation.  Students also acted as candidates, lobbyists, news media, lawyers and judges.  Officers elected by students serve as Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Secretary of Education and Comptroller General. 

Beaufort High and Bluffton High students were honored as “premier delegations” at the annual conference.  In addition, Beaufort, Bluffton and May River high school students earned a variety of individual honors.

“Our students always set a very high bar at the annual state Youth in Government Conference,” said Superintendent Frank Rodriguez.  “We’re very proud of them.”

Several statewide officials at this year’s conference were district students:  Speaker of the House Zoe Paulmeier (Bluffton), Secretary of State Kate Anderson (Bluffton) and Co-Comptroller Generals Savannah Bush (May River) and Joseph Nouri (Bluffton).

In addition, numerous Beaufort County students earned individual and team recognitions at this year’s conference, including:


  • Anastacia Thacker (Beaufort) – Phillip Bradley Award, a $750 scholarship to recognize outstanding leadership qualities

  • Kate Anderson (Bluffton) – Terry Haskins Christian Servant Leadership Award (full scholarship to next year’s YIG conference) 

National conferences

  • Zoe Paulmeier, Kate Anderson and Dani Campos (Bluffton High) – Invited to the Conference on National Affairs.

  • Mackenzie Kronimus and Isabella Miller (May River) – Invited to the Conference on National Affairs.

Additional recognitions

  • Jackson Colin (Bluffton) – Outstanding Lobbyist.

  • Jackson Colin, KJ Frazier and Ali Zieglestein (Bluffton) – Outstanding Lobbying Firm.

  • Josh Perri (Bluffton alumni) – Outstanding Resource Staff.

  • Carlisle Salapare (Beaufort) – Outstanding Witness Award.

  • Owen Andrews, Jackson Buick, Sarah Katon, Mackenzie Kronimus, Joy Schleicher and Faith Sulak (May River) – Mock trial team was ranked No. 2 in the state and was invited to the National Judicial Competition.

  • Lindsey Breaux, Shiloh Court, Gabriel Jenkins, Alana Jenkins, Jose Restrepo, Griffin Siegel, Ana Thacker and Carlisle Salapare (Beaufort) – Trial Team 2 among the top 20 percent in the state. 

  • Mackenzie Kronimus (May River) – Elected 2020 Youth Attorneys General.

  • Nathan Campbell (May River) – Advisor of the Year.

Drafting successful legislation

  • A number of Beaufort County students wrote legislative bills that were signed by the YIG governor.  Students’ bills had to be passed out of committees and approved by both chambers (House and Senate) before going to the YIG governor, who could veto or sign the bills.

  • PH6:  Decrease Time in Solitary Confinement (Faith Paxton/Laina Poppy, Bluffton)

  • PH110:  Ban Single-Use Plastics (Declan Carter/Joey Schulze, May River)

  • PH113:  Raise taxes on nicotine (Jackson Spires/Luke Locasio, May River)

  • H2:  Include Blood Type on Driver’s Licenses (Ryan Andrews/Jackson Sacha, Bluffton)

  • H92:  Include Blood Type on Driver’s Licenses (Taylor Gilmore/Emma Drury, May River)

  • PS6:  Outlaw Corporal Punishment in SC schools (Brook Robertson/Olivia Brinsa, Bluffton)

  • PS8:  Adjust Senior Seat Time Requirements (Rachel Nix/Sean Sullivan, Bluffton)

  • PS7:  Allow College Athletes to Profit from Their Likeness (Ben Banks/Joey Zapp, Bluffton)

  • PS74:  Allow DACA students to earn college scholarships (Jason Epke Bueso, May River)

  • PS76:  Allow student absences for mental health reasons (Paige Swanson, May River)

  • S36: American Sign Language as a Foreign Language in High Schools (Mary Miller/Skylar Bodie, May River)

A fourth district high school, Battery Creek, sent a student delegation to the 2019 state conference in preparation for full Youth in Government participation next year.